LED Module

LED module houses several LED light chips (bulbs). LED modules can be made with multi-colored LEDs emitting many different shades of light. This makes them ideal for advertising signage and channel lettering.
Thin & shadow free

Edge Type (Mini Size)

Edge lit panels produce the light from the sides of the panel. This provides a much thinner panel about ½ inch in thickness. The thinness of Edge lit LED flat panels allows them to be mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as underneath cabinets or on concrete ceilings.
High efficiency meets long life

Epoxy Type

Multiple LED adhesives are available. The appropriate adhesive will be determined based on your specific application.
The natural look

Diffusion Lens Type

Most LED light sources are made up of multiple LED chips. Chips are intensely bright sources of light requiring a diffuser to control the distribution of light. Diffusers are a screen between the light source and the illuminated surface. As the light enters the diffusing material, the light beams are scattered, resulting in a soft-edged, widely distributed light.

Flat Lens Type

Flat lens type LED module provides a crisp-edged beam of light. Combine light, functionality and efficiency to your design.
LEDsBrightnessPower ConsumptionAngleVoltageRemarksCertificate
Edge Type LED Module Mini SizeANX SHP328351201.2 W40°12 V3000~11000K/R/G/B/YUL, CE, FC, SASO, K
ANX SHP6_3W28352403 W40°12 V3000~11000K/R/G/B/YUL, CE, FC, SASO, K
LEDsBrightnessPower ConsumptionAngleVoltageRemarksCertificate
Diffusion Lens Type LED ModuleANX 3MSDW3'2835720.72165°12 V3000~11000K/R/G/B/YUL, CE, FC, SASO, K

LED Module

Special Features/Options

Bring a unique combination of light design, functionality and efficiency to your industry !

  • Diffusion lens
  • High power edge type
  • 3000K ~ 11000K custom color available

LED Module

Standard Features

Natural & Fantastic Effect !

  • UL Listed
  • Color temperature selection: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K/10000K or R/G/B/Y/RGB
  • Samsung or Samsung equivalent 2835 or 5050 LED chips
  • 50000 hour life expectancy
  • DC: 12V
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in Korea


Outdoor landscape and accent lighting

Building decoration & border light


Signage / Expo / Display

- Signs, Menu boards, channel letters, Expo & other displays
- Strip lighting in cabinets, cupboards, drawers and other narrow spaces that tend to be poorly lit


Shop Fitting Light / Retails

Retails stores, chain stores, cosmetic shops, department stores