LED Creations & Design

Product Line


LED Light Panel (Board)

LED Light Panel is a thin acrylic panel with LED edge lit, working as backlit source for any architectural and design applications.

LED Module

LEDs are basically a means of converting electrical energy into lights and LED module is, simply put, a device containing several LED light chips (bulbs).

LED Light Box

LED Light Box is made using a frame, in most cases it is aluminum frame, and LED lighting source inside that frame.

Free Stand LED Light Box

Free Stand LED Light Box is a product that can stand by itself.

Fabric LED Light Box

The fabric graphic is inserted into the light box using a thin silicone strip that is sewn around the edge of the graphic.

Poster Frame

A poster (picture) frame is a decorative edging for a poster, such as a painting or photograph, intended to enhance it.

Honeycomb Display & Décor

Honeycomb panel is an inexpensive lightweight material and it can be used in an innovative way to showcase your products and displays.

LED Light Bar

Our LED Light bar (with barrel connector) is using High quality 2835/5050 SMD LED.


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